Awarded by Brittany University, France


The Master of Arts in Marketing is a 90 ECTS credits programme delivered by Brittany Université .
This programme is designed to provide an analytical, business-focused curriculum to develop your
skills as an innovative and strategic marketer.

Awards to be conferred

  1. Master of Arts in Marketing from Brittany Université – view sample certificate



The programme is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of Marketing practices in the context of an increasing changing global and digital economy.

The following are some educational aims:

  • Facilitate understanding of strategic marketing practices in the context of modern business/marketing environment with increasing digital technologies, big data, and analytics usage in which organisations operate;
  • Preparation for and/or development of a career in marketing by developing knowledge and skills at a professional level or as preparation for business and marketing research; and
  • Development of the ability to apply knowledge and skills required to use business and marketing analytics to understand and solve complex issues, both systematically, analytically and creatively, to provide solutions and improve practice.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Learners graduating from the Master’s in Marketing will be able to:

  • Critically examine the theories, tools, strategies, and practices of strategic marketing management in an increasing global and digital environment.
  • Demonstrate a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity and their implications for marketing and management.
  • Analyse changing online and offline consumer and organizational buyer behaviour and its implications for marketing strategy.
  • Apply key marketing theories, frameworks, tools and strategies to solve Marketing problems in a increasingly digital and global environment
  • Utilise marketing analytics and information of a firm’s external and internal marketing environment to identify and prioritise appropriate marketing strategies
  • Exercise critical judgement through engagement and reflection with existing marketing literature and new developments in the marketing environment
  • Apply business research knowledge and skills to undertake a Master’s level applied research to resolve marketing challenges and opportunities confronting business organisations


Selected modules will contain one work-based management report with word limitations of usually
between 4,000 – 4,500 words. Each module document will outline the specific word limit. Normally
the expected presentation of reports should be structured as outlined in below.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree qualification in any subject or
  • A professional qualification equivalent to a degree and a minimum of two years of working experience or
  • Mature and high potential candidates without degree or equivalent qualifications but hold Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas with more than six years of work experience of which at least two years are at supervisory / managerial level or
  • Mature and high potential candidates without Diploma qualifications but with more than eight years of work experience of which at least three years are at supervisory /managerial
    levels and
  • Demonstrate English Language proficiency in order to participate in the programme taught in English.
    Proficiency of English include either a recognised English proficiency testing score of IELTS overall band of 5.5 or equivalent. Those having undertaken either an undergraduate or professional qualification taught and assessed in English will also be accepted as having met the English proficiency

Programme Structure

The Master of Arts in Marketing has a total of 90 ECTS credits. Each core module accrues 10 ECTS credits and there is a 30 ECTS credit Research Project.

The five Common Core Modules has 10 ECTS credits each for 

  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Business Research Methodology


  • Global Marketing/Digital Marketing

The Research Project has  30 ECTS credits

  • The Research Project can be started after completing the 6 Common Core Modules

Mode of Delivery

The Master of Arts in Marketing is delivered to accommodate the need for working professionals balancing their work, travel and family commitments. It is an online learning approach adhering to
adult learning theories focusing on relating content to the vast experiences of learners and the desire for seeing the application of content to the real-world.

Minimum Recommended Learning Hours per Module
1. Online Learning: 18 hours
2. Directed Independent Learning: 182 hours
3. Total: 200 hours

 Delivery Approach

The approach consists of the elements below.

(i) Self-Paced Learning or Independent Study

➢ To facilitate and support independent learning, learners are provided with a detailed self-instructional module (SIM) which is available online.
➢ Included are learning activities to be discussed online and during face-to-face tutorial sessions.
➢ Included is a study guide explaining what learners need to do, a timetable for each week’s activities, deadlines for assignments, and examination dates.
➢ Also included are other media such as video & audio clips and simulations to watch and listen to, which is a change from reading, and may give a different perspective of the module.

(ii) Online Interaction
➢ Learners discuss online using a discussion forum through the online learning platform.
➢ Learners join a community of other fellow course learners to:
o discuss and share ideas about learning activities included in the course materials.
o discuss, share and collaborate on assignments and projects.
➢ The Module Leader (module expert) will provide online interactions and support via the discussion forum and may deliver live lectures.